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      1. Langfang Rongheng Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.is located in Langfang City,Hebei Province.The company is an enterprise that produces and sells fireproof materials.Langfang Rongheng Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.mainly produces and sells fire-proof materials (fire-proof bag,fire-proof partition,fire-proof cloth,fire-proof mud,flexible organic blocking material,fire-proof module,cable fire-proof material,steel structure fire-proof material,tunnel fire-proof coating,fire-proof coating plate,fire-proof sealing glue,explosion-proof cement),etc.The company is products with advanced production and equipment,has a perfect guarantee system.With reliable products,exquisite technology and scientific management,Rongheng company,which is constantly seeking development in...

        Fireproof cloth
        Cable fireproof coating
        Flexible organic plugging material
        Fire safety package Fireproof cloth Fire suppression module Cable fireproof coating Flexible organic plugging material Explosion proof mortar

                Rongheng Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd

               Dacheng County, Hebei Province, China

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         Manufacturers supply a lar...  [2020-1-23]

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